The Double-Lip Embouchure in Clarinet Playing Presented by Victor A. Battipaglia

The Double-Lip Embouchure in Clarinet Playing, by Victor A. Battipaglia, is deeply insightful and very thorough technical explanation of the technique and advantages of the use of the double-lip embouchure in clarinet playing. I very much enjoyed reading it myself, and so have asked for permission to convert the orginal scanned pdf document to a more accessible format, so that others can also enjoy it.

The first file below is the original PhD thesis of Victor Battipaglia, on the double lip embouchure in clarinet playing. It was originally a typewritten document, and was scanned in and converted to a pdf by the Eastman School of Music - Sibley Music Library of the University of Rochester, which is the institution where he carried out the work. I downloaded this scanned file from the website of the library

I created the second pdf file below by converting the scanned, type-written document to a Microsoft Word doc, and then to a pdf. The initial conversion used an online computer programme, and then I fixed the formatting, added in the accents, and sorted out the italics, bold print, and underlining. I hope that by providing this converted file, I will enable people to read the work more easily. With this new file, they will be able to use accessibility software and translation aids which are so easily available now.

The author, Dr Victor Battipaglia, has now sadly passed away, and is greatly missed. This work of converting the file and making it available online has been carried out with the kind permission of his wife, Dr Diana Mittler-Battipaglia, and of the staff at the library of the University of Rochester.

To download either of these files, maximise the windows by clicking the arrow in the top right corner, then use the download button at the top right of the screen. The download button looks like a down-pointing arrow.